was the episode last night good??? im on vacation and i dont have wifi for long periods of time so i wont be able to watch until friday :’-(


I adore him

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ugh i cant watch awkward either Im crying

same D: im on twitter and watching everyone tweet about it ughhhhh

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i cant watch awkward to tonight im so upset pray for me

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Awkward Season 1 x

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I like her music i just dont really like her personality...

Im sorry i dont have time for your slut shaming ass

Why do u like Miley?

Whats not to like I mean other than the fact shes cool as hell and hot she’s also a really good person, has a great personality, and doesnt care what people think and she just does whatever the hell she wants to bc its her life. I just love her a lot.


If you’re bummed about it being Monday, just remember that Awkward comes back in 8 days. You’re welcome.